Halloween Party Hacks

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A night filled with tricks and treats is almost here. That’s right, Halloween is fast approaching and it’s one of our favorite holidays. The entire Halloween season is so much fun! Are you ready for it?

If you’re planning a party, we’ve got a few tried-and-true Halloween hacks that will make your spooky gathering perfect:

Ghostly Furniture

Sheet ghosts are a classic Halloween costume. We’ve been a ghost on more than one occasion. It’s so easy and fun! You can take that concept and apply it to your furniture. Good Housekeeping has the brilliant solution. Simply place a plain white sheet with a set of felt features over a chair and it makes for a great slipcover that is perfect as décor and seating for a Halloween party.

Inexpensive Décor

Halloween doesn’t have to be frightening from a financial standpoint. Rather than get scared away from hosting a party because of the cost, focus on the fun and inexpensive décor ideas. We love these tips from Tastefully Simple for the perfect Halloween decorations. Using chemistry beakers for decorations and as glasses is brilliant! 

Don’t Forget About the Kids

Although Halloween is a time of celebration for everyone, kids often have a special connection to the holiday. Planning a Halloween party exclusively for children or incorporating them into a larger gathering doesn’t have to be a frightening proposition. Better Homes and Gardens has some great tips, such as selecting a kid-friendly theme. Who wouldn’t love a spooky magical forest or a not-too-scary monster-themed bash?  

We believe it’s how you live that matters at Abberly Chase and love seeing people gather for fun celebrations. We hope you have a great Halloween!

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