Millennial Job Seekers Like South Carolina

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Although the Great Recession hit South Carolina harder than most places, recent economic indicators show the state is making some headway, if slowly. While the unemployment rate hasn’t budged much in the past year, millennials here are primed to find jobs.

Young adults, or millennials, in South Carolina are attracted to the laid-back Southern lifestyle, coastal towns, thriving cities and lower rents throughout the state.

Some of the most successful businesses in the Palmetto State are in sectors such as aerospace, alternative energy, automotive manufacturing, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, distribution, food processing, forestry and wood products, plastics and chemicals as well as recreation, according to the state Department of Commerce. The area is seeing a rise in its millennial population as the tech industry moves in.

Millennials are moving to the area. The economy has been on the upswing and attracting the kind of tech startups that hire large numbers of millennials. The waterfront, historic sites, museums, cultural centers, universities, restaurants, retail and, of course, beaches are also appealing.

They are jetsetters — or live near airports. South Carolina millennials can get away at a moment’s notice thanks to their proximity to the state’s airports.

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